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Our Larry Smith talks about micro dahlias
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Larry Smith talks Dahlias on television.
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The American Dahlia Society's Derrill W. Hart Medal is
awarded annually to varieties scoring highest in accredited
Trial Gardens located across the United States and Canada
during the previous growing season.  Only seven Hart
medals are awarded each year and two have been won by
PDS originations: "Allen’s Country Roads," an A size (Large)
red incurved cactus, originated by Allen Manuel.  This is
Allen's third consecutive Hart medal, previously winning with
"Allen's Blackbeard" and "Allen's Arctic Fox." My Forever, an
orange waterlily, originated by Nicholas Gitts of Swan Island
Dahlias.  This is Nick's second consecutive Hart medal
following last year's win with "Dancing Queen," a pink stellar
form dahlia. It is very quite the feather in the caps of these
local hybridizers to have won in consecutive years.
My Forever
Allen’s Country Roads
Zoom Meeting
We have scheduled a  Zoom meeting on December 8th  at 7:00PM. .  Click here for
instructions for the  meeting

Nominations for PDS Officers for 2021-2022 to be voted on
at the December meeting:

CO-PRESIDENTS                 Nan Hage/Laura Oldenkamp
VICE PRESIDENT                 John Providenza
GENERAL SECRETARY         Julie Huynh
TREASURER                        Shirley Bankston
PAST PRESIDENT                Larry Smith
DIRECTOR: LIFE                   Gary Murphy
DIRECTOR: LIFE                   Jeanette Benson
DIRECTOR: AT LARGE          Eric Toedtli
DIRECTOR: AT LARGE          Adrienne Hale

Nominations for Delegates:

PNDC Rep                      Teresa Bergman (lead)
PNDC Rep                      Mark Oldenkamp
PNDC Rep                      Gordon Jackman
PNDC Alternate              Linda Taylor
FEDERATION Rep           Terry Smith
FEDERATION Alternate   Ted Kennedy

Committee Chairs (appointed positions/not to be voted on):
Virtual Show

Winners Videos
Show Rules
Trial Garden  2020
Video of Results
Dahlia Calendars for 2021...  What a
great idea for a no touch- contact Christmas Gift!  This is a
fundraiser for the Portland Dahlia Society sponsored 2023
ADS National Show.  
Calendars for 2021 are being sold by the National Capitol
Society (Wash. DC).  The calendar is 8-1/2" x 22" and the
images are of high quality.  They can be ordered through
Teresa Bergman.  

Contact her with any questions and to order --
teresa@dahlias4u.com.  A small portion of the sales will
benefit our own National Show to be held in 2023.    Each
calendar will be $10.00 plus postage.  To receive by

please order by 12/15/20.
Speaking of the
2023 national
.Eric Toedtli is heading
up a contest for naming our show
theme.  Our theme in 2012, when we
last sponsored a National Show, was
Northwest Treasures.  Gordon
Jackman has suggested, "The Place to
Be in Twenty-Three". Usually, the show
theme is tied in with the classes for the
Arrangement Section. The society is
offering a $25 prize for the winning
theme.  Please send your theme
entries to etoedtli@yahoo.com  
News on our
annual photo
Here are the categories for the annual
Portland Dahlia Society photo contest:

1-dahlia portrait-one bloom
2-macro view (close up) of a dahlia
3-two or more blooms
4-dahlia gardens
5-dahlias with people
6-dahlias with critters (bees, frogs,
pets, etc.)
$10 for the winner in each class.   
There is no limit of entries.  Digital
photos should be “recent”
(use your own discretion—this has
been a strange year).
Digital images should be sent to Larry
Smith at

thebodysmith@hotmail.com   It may
help if you send pics from
different categories in separate emails
to Larry.  Identify the
dahlia(s) in the pic if possible, though
not required.
Larry would like all entries sent to him
by Tues. Dec. 1.

Winners will be announced at our next
PDS meeting on Dec. 8.

Larry plans to acknowledge your
entries.  So please give Larry a call

at 503-777-1857 if you don't receive
an acknowledgment a few days

after you submit your entries.