Program 06-10-14
Weeding Dahlias
T- Tape Irrigation        

Ted Kennedy brought several hoes and talked about the relative merits of each one.   
Mark Oldenkamp showed how the various parts and pieces went together for t-tape irrigation.
Both of these subjects were visual presentations and difficult to summarize in words.         

Weeding:  Ted showed a new hoe that is made in Mt Angel and sold by Jeff Vier Nursery Supply in
Hubbard. Besides the hoes there was a discussion about a new method to eradicate the most persistent
weed of all: Horsetails.  The new method involves using garden lime and high nitrogen fertilizer.  It has
worked on large patches of the weed.  

The use of the chemicals Poast and Vantage to kill weed grasses in dahlias was discussed. Those
chemicals are available on E-Bay and if sprayed on dahlias there is no damage to the dahlias.

Organic gardeners were told of the new organic weed killer spray that is a home remedy.         The recipe
is one gallon of vinegar, 2 cups of epsom salts and a tablespoon of Dawn detergent.  Any plant sprayed
with this mixture will die.

Several experiences with the use of t-tape to irrigate dahlias were shared. Mark showed how to use the
tape itself to create the end of the line crimp. The various parts and pieces were shown and demonstrated.
It was noted that if you want a local source for drip irrigation of all kinds, Fisher Plumbing in Canby has the
most extensive inventory of any shop in the area.