Dahlia Program
February 11, 2014

The program was two fold: The 2014 New introductions DVD sold by the American Dahlia Society was shown
and since the great majority of these new ones are sold out, there was a  discussion of recent introductions
and how they did for the grower.

The presenter of the DVD material chose not to use the slide show version that has narration and rather just
exhibited the picture files of the new ones. Since several people in the audience were familiar with some of the
new ones, the moderator allowed a short discussion when possible.  Wayne Lobaugh was in the audience and
he was the originator of several introductions. When his pictures came up, he gave very candid appraisals of
the introductions. For example, he said on one that the picture made it look nicer than it is. And on others the
pictures did not give them justice. And Wayne had judged several of the introductions at the Tacoma Trial
garden and he was able to comment on them. And the author of this summary also commented on varieties
introduced by himself and wife and also commented on flowers that were in the Canby Trial garden.

There were several flowers that garnered above average praise and without listing our varieties for obvious
reasons, here is a list of several:

Hilltop Emily B SC DB PK/Y was said to be really nice in the Tacoma trial garden and well worth growing.
Beautiful colors and form. .
Clearview Edie A SC white did well on the ADS bench and in shows.  
Carnivale B ID Flame was said to be one of the very best 2014 introductions as it has both ideal form and
Nearly every introduction of Mike and Kathy Iler of Blossom Gulch drew praise. The Bicolor anenome
made the audience gasp when they saw the beautiful picture.
Bloomquist Angela BB SC Purple was praised by Wayne Lobaugh.
NTAC Shelly OR Dark Pink was praised for being exceptionally photogenic.
The Swan Island
waterlily introductions were thought to be very good prospects.
And many others drew comments but I cannot remember them all.

The other part of the program included talking about new introductions from 2013 and prior.
Clearview Daniel
Ball Yellow was said to be good but not a good tuber maker.
Skipley Lois Jean Ball DP had essentially the
same comments.
Woodlands Taco Time BB FD OR originated by recently departed Bill Mishler was
praised by several people.  
Clearview Sundance A SC Yellow received mixed reviews but everyone said it
was a vigorous grower.  
AC Papa AA L was said to be as big as advertised but very loose in formation.
Lolita, Dagmar, Fancy Pants and FV’s Dainty from the Ilers were given good  praise.  Showcase
A LC Yellow was said to do well. And finally the author declared that probably the most sought after
dahlia for this coming season is
Wyn’s Neon Dream AA ID yellow. It won best in show at last years National
show and nearly everybody who saw it wants a tuber.

Again there were many, many comments but this is what I remember.