Pictures of the Winners
Best B        Trengrove Millenium        
Connie Young-Davis
Best BB        Embrace        Don Filand
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Best M        Barbarry Red Dwarf        
Les & Viv Connell
Best BA        Mary's Jomanda        
Wanda Novak
Best MB        Pocrates        Tiffany Boatwright
Best P        Rhonda        Les & Viv Connell
Best ST        Camano Pet      
Connie Young-Davis
WL Pam Howden        Wendy Brant
Best NX Fully Double     
Vista Minnie        
James Stout
Best N Open Center       
Verrone's Morning Star      
Elva Sellens
Best CO        
Kelsey Annie Joy    
Colin Walker
Best O      
Midnight Star   
Connie Young-Davis
Best S        
Kelsey Kristie       
Mark & Laura Oldenkamp
Best PE     
Miss Muffit    
Cora Vandevelden
Best B        Hamari Accord        Paul
Single Entries
Triple Entries
Ryecroft Zoe        Mike Iler
Best M        Barbarry Red Dwarf        
Paul & Cheryl Howard
Best BA        Mary's Jomanda        John
Best MB        Chimacum Davi        
David & Leone Smith
Best P        Little Willo        Art Chmura
Best ST        Camano Pet        Eric
Best WL        Pam Howden        Paul
Best NX Fully Double        Valley
Porcupine        Richard & Monica Tailleur
Best CO Dark Suspense
Wayne & Raeanne Lobaugh
Best N Open Center        Fancy
Pants        Tiffany Boatwright
Best O Midnight Star David & Leone
Best S Lulu Island Mom
Elva Sellens
Best PE Elvira
Colin Walker
Pictures taken by Daniel Straw,
Raeanne Lobaugh and Wayne
Lobaugh. Edited by Ted Kennedy
Best Giant Alfred C.
Steve Santose
Best Giant triple Kenora Clyde
Alan & Michele Kaas
Large- Edna C.
by Gary Murphy
Best Large Triple
Kenora Jubilee
by Connie Young-Davis
Kristine Albrecht
Triple Anenome
Alpen Fury
Wayne & Raeann Lobaugh
I have found pictures of the Giants,
Large, anenomes,  and Mignons and
they are now included. 01-13-13
by Kaile Brant
MS Triple
Wayne & Raeann Lobaugh
Best Portland Dahlia Society origination
Hollyhill Electra
by Wayne & Raeann Lobaugh