Garden Tour
A Visit to Park's
updated September 2014
by Ted J. Kennedy
Christy Parks is giving a guided tour in 2011
We attended the Roseburg show  in September 2011 and 2014. On the Sundays after the show, Park's Dahlias and Clack's Dahlias  
holds their open houses.  Park's Dahlias is located only about a mile off of the Azalea Exit on Interstate 5.  For people unfamiliar
with Oregon, Azalea, population 634,  is located about 210 miles South of Portland.  Park's Dahlias is located in a forest setting and
to keep the deer and elk out, it is surrounded by a 10 foot tall deer fence.  To say the least,  Park's Dahlias is "Dahlia Heaven" to
anyone who is interested in dahlias. She grows about 4000 dahlia plants  and they love the combination of the forest setting and
the unique climate. Her garden can get very warm during the day, but on most nights the cool air from the surrounding mountains
flows to the garden and the typical lows are in the 40s, even on hot days.  That combination preserves the dahlias bright colors  
all season. And, another by  product of the climate is that most dahlias grow taller here than most anywhere else.
Most of the pictures will enlarge if you click on them and many of the pictures are very large.
Here is a link to the Clack's Dahlias
2014 pictures
The Parks house in
Christie has an
extensive cutting
garden of foliage
and flowers to go
with her dahlias.
2011 Bryn Terfel
grown by Christie.
Only 13.5 inches in
diameter. She says
it was a small one!
2011 Christy is
dabbling in
seedlings now too.
Here is a very nice
orange collarette.
2011 Camano Rascal has great color
Here are visitors in 2014. The first
garden is mixed meaning Christy mixes
cutting plants with dahlias here.
2014 The dahlias were growing a bit
taller in this section.
Chritsy grows special Goldenrod for
Here are some pictures
of the what I call the
"Christy Park" Park.  
Here is the whimsical
garden breakfast nook in
And here is the 2014 version.
2014 view towards one of the 4 dahlia gardens.
Pictures of some flowers
2014 picture of Olson's Folly
2014 Romance
There were too many pictures so I did another page on
Christy's  plantings for greens and other flowers.
Click here to see here the cutting gardens.
And here is the most amazing picture of all. You can see that
everybody wanted to take a picture of it. And it is Christy's  gigantic
pile of deadheaded flowers. A sight to behold!!!
Click on pictures to enlarge
We also visited Clack's Dahlias
Click here for Pictures