Germination Mix Sale
One time purchase based on pre order quantities.   If you miss the group order
we likely will not be able to allocate any to you.
We will collect orders until about the 3rd week of February
Mark will order and pickup the combined shipment from OBC in Canby
He will distribute the product to those that preorder - some will pick it up at his
He will bring many of the orders to the March meeting
The price this year will be $15 per 2 cubic foot  bag.

Ingredients: 66% Fine Peat, 34% Soil grade perlite and 0.5#/yd granular
wetting agent. Free of weeds, disease and insects.

Orders will be taken at the February meeting (Shirley Bankston will have
the order form) or it can also be emailed to Mark Oldenkamp at: