Meets second Tuesday of the month at Rose City Park
United Methodist Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda
Editor: Mike Riordan (503) 256-0425
September 2009
Next meeting is Tuesday,
September 8th, 2009
at Swan Island Dahlias
Arrive anytime after 4PM and bring
lots of guests and a potluck dish.
This is our most popular meeting of the year!
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: Mike Riordan (503)256-0425 Contacts: Teresa Bergman (360) 274-8292, Jeanette Benson (503) 649-4118

Next meeting Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 @ 4:00 PM


Our program for September will be a reprise of last year’s highly rated gathering at Swan Island Dahlias.

We realize that work schedules may limit some member’s arrival times.  It is perfectly acceptable to join in when ever
your schedule or inclination allows.

We will start at 4:00 PM with a tour of the gardens and an opportunity to judge seedlings at our ADS sanctioned trial
garden. This is an easy way for judges to fulfill their annual requirement for trial garden judging.  Senior judges will be
available to work in teams with those just starting out.

At about 5:30 we will have dinner.  The Gitts family has generously agreed to provide potato salad and Marge’s
incomparable Lemon Meringue Pie.  What makes these pies so special is that they are made with the lemons freshly
picked from the lemon trees in their greenhouses. Please bring a pot-luck dish of your own to share along with a serving
spoon.  The Society will provide soft drinks, paper plates and plastic utensils.

Nicholas Gitts has agreed to be on hand to answer any dahlia related questions.


During the PNDC fall business meeting last year; there was some discussion of a permanent sign to be placed at the
Canby Trial Garden.  The purpose of the sign would be to inform the general public about the purpose and workings of
the Trial Garden.  The PNDC membership seemed favorably disposed to assisting our society in the cost of producing
such a sign.  The sign and information box is now in place.  So please take a moment to notice the new addition.


AUGUST 11, 2009

President, Teresa Bergman at 7:30pm, called the meeting to order.

* Visitors:   Bob Hanley introduced his daughter, Catherine, who is visiting from Florida.

Ted Kennedy introduced the meeting program, which included a mini-show along with a judging demonstration.  Two 8-
foot tables were laden with blooms brought by members who wanted to learn special techniques of selecting blooms from
the garden and staging the entries.  Ted selected blooms and explained the pros and cons of how they would be judged.  
Another factor in showing dahlias is the container that’s used.  PDS and PNDC approve only black and dark green
containers made of plastic or metal.  Max 0lieu brought his various sizes of black PVC pipe cut into sections with a cap
glued to the bottom.  With this method he can create any length of container to fit his bloom entry.  Also included was
various ways of transporting dahlias to show site. During the break, Phil Mingus and Laura Oldenkamp judged the
blooms.  They selected a yet un-named seedling, a miniature ball submitted by Ted Kennedy.

2012 National show:

A motion was made by Mike Riordan and seconded by Phil Mingus that Tiffany Boatwright and Ted Kennedy be
authorized to sign rental and other contracts and financial documents on behalf of the Portland Dahlia Society for the
Portland hosted National Dahlia Show in 2012.   This fulfills the legal requirement that the membership specifically
empower its representatives to act on their collective, legally binding behalf.

A suggestion to design a 2012 national show flyer for distribution at all PDS events will be considered.

Trial Garden:  

Bill Mishler and Phil Mingus worked at the trial garden today and, along with deadheading and disbudding, they judged 4
entries.   More blooms are developing, and there should be at least 14 to be judged when the tour is in Canby for the
dahlia garden tour on August 16th.    The Trial Garden signage is in place and Mike Riordan and Jeanette Benson will
complete the trial garden information sheet.  A suggestion to add the PDS membership sheet on the reverse side will be
considered by the committee.

PDS show, September 5 & 6 at Canby Fairgrounds:

* All members were encouraged to bring staged blooms to the show.  More blooms to fill up the room means more
color.  Members will be present to help fill out tags and placement in the sections, but cannot assist in staging blooms.

* Thursday, Sept 3: (4:00PM)   Hall Set-up.   All members are encouraged to help set up tables with tablecloths and
* Friday:  Sept 4: (5:00-9:00PM )   Staged entries can be brought and placed on tables
* Saturday:  Sept 5:  Doors open at 6:00am for bloom entries.  At 8:30am, all judges and clerks should be present for a
meeting and assignments.   Judging will begin at 9:00 AM.
* All members are encouraged to volunteer to help with hospitality and answer general questions from the public.
* We have dahlia literature and books to sell to the public.  If any member can sit at this table for a short period of time
on Saturday, it would be appreciated.

The September 8 meeting at Swan Island Dahlia farm:

         The farm will be open at 4 p.m.  Dinner will be potluck to begin around 6 p.m.      The club will provide the
beverage, paper place and plastic utensils.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley Bankston, Recording Secretary
American Dahlia Society National Show 2009
Sponsored by The Snohomish Dahlia Society
Red Velvet
Waterlily from Australia, the brightest red with a touch of yellow