Meets second Tuesday of the month at Rose City Park
United Methodist Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda
Editor: Mike Riordan (503) 256-0425
September 2008
Next meeting Tuesday, September 9th, 2007
@ 4:00 PM
at Swan Island Dahlias

Our program for September will be a reprise of last year’s highly rated gathering at Swan Island Dahlias.  
We realize that work schedules may limit some member’s arrival times.  It is perfectly acceptable to join in
when ever your schedule or inclination allows.

We will start at 4:00 PM with a tour of the gardens and an opportunity to judge seedlings at our ADS
sanctioned trial garden. This is an easy way for judges to fulfill their annual requirement for trial garden judging.  
Senior judges will be available to work in teams with those just starting out.

At about 5:30 we will have dinner.  The Gitts family has generously agreed to provide potato salad and Marge’
s incomparable Lemon Meringue Pie.  What makes these pies so special is that they are made with the lemons
freshly picked from the lemon trees in their greenhouses. Please bring a pot-luck dish of your own to share
along with a serving spoon.  The Society will provide soft drinks.  

Nicholas Gitts has agreed to be on hand to answer any dahlia related questions.

Both the Portland Dahlia Society and the ADS have a fall special for new members. If you know of someone
thinking about joining our society, or you are not yet an ADS member yourself, here’s a great opportunity to save
some money!

Join either the ADS or the Portland Dahlia Society now and get all of 2009 and the remainder of 2008 for the same
low price as if you joined in January of 2009.  In the case of the ADS that means the June and September Bulletins
are absolutely free!

Membership in PDS is $7 per individual and $10 per household.  The dues are payable to Treasurer, Larry
Sawyer at the meeting or can be mailed to Larry at: 11015 SW Berkshire St.
Portland, OR  97225-4407.  Larry also has the information for the ADS dues.  Please be aware that joining ADS
through our society is less than the rate for an ADS membership at large.


Our annual show was just completely this past Labor Day weekend.  Many thanks to all members and participants
who worked so hard to make our show a resounding success.  It could not have happened without everyone’s help
and cheerful cooperation. Thanks to show Co-Chairmen Larry Smith and Teresa Bergman. Special thanks to the
tally crew of Larry Sawyer, Shirley Bankston and Shirley Schaffer.  Thanks to Larry Smith for re-arranging the
entries after the judging, making the overall impression of the show more eye appealing.   Thanks to all the
members and commercial growers that provided cash or tuber awards.  Special thanks to the donors from other
societies.  Thanks to the team that set up the head table, put out the cards and table covers on Thursday afternoon.  
Thanks to Jeanette Benson for coordinating the judges and clerks teams.  Thanks to Jeanette for compiling our
complete show report and sending it off to the ADS Classification Chairman in San Francisco. This is how the wins
from our show get counted in next year’s Classification Book. Thanks to all the helpers that worked so well
together to make the show tear down and clean up go so smoothly.  Special thanks to Marge Gitts for her work on
arranging the PNDC Show Banquet which was held at the Canby Grove Conference Center Saturday evening.   
Results highlights summary provided on next page.

Pompons outdid themselves at our show, winning best in show, best triple entry in show and best basket in show.  
Poms Rule!


The 2008 recipient of the PNDC Gold Medal for lifetime achievement is Jeanette Benson of our Portland Society.  
Jeanette began her affiliation with the Portland Society in 1972.  She eventually became hooked with the “dahlia
bug” and the rest is happy history.  Her gold medal nomination letter reads is part:  Jeanette has served as the
President and Vice-president of the Portland Soceity.  She has assisted with the arrangements for the ADS
Executive Board Meeting hat was held in Portland and has made arrangements for most of the PNDC Spring
meetings that have been held in Portland.  For many years she has been the liaison between the dahlia societies and
the garden clubs in the Portland area and the county fairs in the Northern Oregon and Southern Washington areas.  
Jeanette has also prepared laminated educational exhibits for use at garden clubs and fairs.  Last year her exhibit
won special recognition at the Oregon State Fair.

Jeanette has conducted numerous PNDC judging schools in the Portland area and has held judging dahlia
workshops for garden club judges and flower show judges.

She is a life member of the Portland Society and has served as and ADS representative for many years.  Submitting
Portland’s show reports to the ADS was also a task she undertook.

This nominee has a nurseryman’s license and owns a small commercial dahlia business.

Jeanette has contributed an exhaustive amount of energy and time to promote the dahlia.  As an avid grower, she
willingly shares her knowledge and experiences with anyone who shows interest or has a dahlia related question.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron and Ginger Clack
Roseburg Dahlia Society

Bob and Sally Miller
Southern Oregon Dahlia Society

Speaking for myself, Jeanette has always looked out for the best interests of our Society.  She has gone out of her
way to welcome new members.  She has been quick to praise and reluctant to disparage.  She has steered the
Society away from the cult of personality and into a pluralistic ideal where everyone’s opinion is given its due.  She
has been the glue that’s held us together.  In the final analysis, she understands it’s not about any one of us, but
about all of us enjoying our dahlias growing hobby together.  


At our August meeting the membership voted to confer the honor of Life membership on Phil Mingus and Bill

Phil Mingus has served as President and Vice President of our Society.  For a number of years Phil managed an
extensive commercial dahlia growing business.  Phil has introduced a large number of new dahlia cultivars over the
years, all bearing the Mingus prefix.   Phil always encouraged his customers to join their local dahlia society to learn
more about their favorite flower.  

Bill Mishler has been the driving force behind the Canby Trial Garden.  Bill has worked countless hours in
organizing and maintaining the garden.   In doing so Bill has traveled round trip from Woodland Washington.  Bill
has considerable paperwork and correspondence with the American Dahlia Society and the individual entrants at
the Trial Garden.  Bill and his wife Betty operate the Bill and Betty Mishler Dahlia Gardens in Woodland
Washington.  Bill has come up with a number of successful introductions, all with the Woodland’s moniker.


During the PNDC fall business meeting; there was some discussion of a permanent sign to be placed at the Canby
Trial Garden.  The purpose of the sign would be to inform the general public about the purpose and workings of the
Trial Garden.  The PNDC membership seemed favorably disposed to assisting our society in the cost of producing
such a sign.  We hope to have some more information and a discussion during our September business meeting.
2008 Portland Dahlia Show Results

AWARD                                DAHLIA                                 WINNER

Best Double Bloom                         Little Willo                                Tiffany Boatwright
Best Disc Bloom in Show                Delta Red                                Larry Smith
Best Double Triple Entry                Willo Borealis                                Mike Riordan
Best Disc Triple Entry                Elvira                                        Gordon Jackman
Best Basket in Show                        Bowen-Linda Harris                        Eleanor Shantz
Best Design in Show                                                                Margaret Kennedy
Open Sweepstakes                        185 points                                Mark & Laura Oldenkamp
Amateur Sweepstakes                        71 points                                Michael Canning
                                   71 points                                Emily Gorsch
Novice Sweepstakes                        80 points                                 Shirley Bankston
Junior Sweepstakes                        102 points                                 Heidi Oldenkamp
Largest Bloom in Show                Ivory Palaces                                Jeff Jeffs
People’s Choice                        Bodacious                                 Gary Murphy
Best “AA” in Show                        Ivory Palaces                                Audrey Oldenkamp
Best triple “AA” in Show                No Award                                
Best “A” in Show                        Kenora Jubilee                        Mike Riordan
Best triple “A” in Show                No Award
Best “B” in Show                        Camano Sitka                                Michael Canning
Best triple “B” in Show                Peach Delight                                Mike Riordan
Best “BB” in Show                        Taratahi Lilac                                Mark Oldenkamp
Best triple “BB” in Show                Scott’s R.W.                                Mike Riordan
Best miniature in Show                Weston Spanish Dancer                Lexa Cookson
Best triple miniature in Show                Nicole C.                                Michael Canning
Best Ball in Show                        Tahoma Lucas                                Tiffany Boatwright
Best Triple Ball in Show                No Award                        
Best Miniature Ball in Show                Pocrates                                Wayne Shantz
Best Triple Miniature Ball                Ms. Kennedy                                Ted Kennedy
Best Pompon in Show                        Little Willo                                Tiffany Boatwright
Best Triple Pompon in Show                Willo Borealis                                Mike Riordan
Best Waterlily in Show                Pam Howden                                Lexa Cookson
Best Triple Waterlily                        Chimicum Cathleen                        Gary Murphy
Best Stellar in Show                        Primrose Pet                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Stellar                        Alloway Candy                         Jeanette Benson
Best Anemone in Show                Comet                                        Michael Canning
Best Triple Anemone                        EV Fire Puff                                Gordon Jackman
Best Collerette in Show                Teesbrooke Redeye                        Larry Smith
Best Triple Collerette                        David Lam                                Elva Sellens
Best Mignon Single                        Inflammation                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Mignon Single                Stillwater Plum                        Mark Oldenkamp
Best Orchid in Show                        Lupin Shelia                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Orchid in Show                Marie Schnugg                        Elva Sellens
Best Peony in Show                        Miss Muffet                                Larry Smith

AWARD                                DAHLIA                                WINNER

Best Triple Peony in Show                Elvira                                        Gordon Jackman
Best Single in Show                        Delta Red                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Single in Show                Bashful                                Mark Oldenkamp
Best Open Novelty in Show                Jacs Kelli                                Tiffany Boatwright
Best Triple Open Novelty in Show        No Award                                
Best Double Novelty in Show                Valley Porkupine                        Audrey Oldenkamp
Best Triple Double Novelty                EV Puff & Stuff                        Gordon Jackman
Best Basket “A” or “AA”                No Award                                
Best Basket “B” Dahlias                Hollyhill Cotton Candy                Margaret Kennedy
Best Basket “BB” Dahlias                Chilson’s Pride                        Ginger Clack
Best Basket Small Flowering                Bowen-Linda Harris                        Eleanor Shantz
Best Basket Mixed Sizes                No Award
Best Basket Other Types                Elvira                                        Gordon Jackman
Best First Year Seedling                                                        Ted Kennedy
Best Second Year Seedling                                                        Ted Kennedy
Best Triple Undisseminated                                                        Ted Kennedy
Best “AA” Open Division                Bodacious                                Gary Murphy
Best “A” Open Division                Kenora Jubilee                        Mike Riordan
Best “A” Amateur Division                Aitara Majesty                                Michael Canning
Best “A” Novice Division                Amgard Delicate                        Shirley Bankston
Best “A” Junior Division                Mick’s Peppermint                        Amy Toedtli
Best “B” Open Division                Peach Delight                                Ted Kennedy
Best “B” Amateur Division                Camano Sitka                                Michael Canning
Best “B” Novice Division                No Award                        
Best “B” Junior Division                Ruskin Andrea                        Heidi Oldenkamp
Best “BB” Open Division                Taratahi Lilac                                Mark Oldenkamp
Best “BB” Amateur Division                Esmerelda                                Michael Canning
Best “BB” Novice Division                Bristol Fleck                                Shirley Bankston
Best “BB” Junior Division                Peach Delight                                 Heidi Oldenkamp
Best Miniature Open Division        Martina                                Mark Oldenkamp
Best Miniature Amateur Division        Weston Spanish Dancer                Lexa Cookson
Best Miniature Novice Division        Shadow Cat                                   Shirley Bankston
Best Miniature Junior Division        Elvira                                        Julie Toedtli
Best Design Section A                                                        Margaret Kennedy
Best Design Section B                                                        Margaret Kennedy
Best Design Section C                                                        Ted Kennedy

Best Basket in Show
Eleanor Shantz
Best in Show Single Bloom
Pom-Little Willo by Tiffany Boatwright
Best in Show Triple
Pom -Willo Borealis by Mike Riordan
Best Arrangement
Pam Howden Water Design
by Margaret Kennedy