Meets second Tuesday of the month at Rose City Park
United Methodist Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda
Editor: Mike Riordan (503) 256-0425 Contacts: Larry Smith (503) 777-1857,
Jeanette Benson (503) 649-4118
Next meeting Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 @
7:30 p.m.
A DVD put together by Claudia Biggs (ADS Image Coordinator) of the new dahlia
originations being offered for 2007 will be shown. Also commercial grower
sources for the new introductions will be made available.
If you have tubers of newer varieties that are ready to be auctioned, bring them in and they will be auctioned off
at this meeting. The Board feels that we may get a better price if we do some selling prior to our main event and
some of those who take cuttings would like to get them sooner. This will be limited to newer varieties, or those
that are very hard to find.
Teresa Bergman and Mike Riordan will be providing cookies
for this month’s meeting.
Your Board met on January 13th to go over Dahlia Society business and plan for 2007. I think we have put
together a very exciting line-up of meetings for the year.
March – Seeds, tubers,
propagation of cuttings.
April – Auction and tuber sale. Doors
open at 6:30 PM.
May – Continuation of tuber sale, green plant auction. Seedling
plants available to buy.
June – New Garden
July – How to show in County Fairs,
Arranging Bouquets.
August – How to enter blooms in our show and how entries are evaluated by the
judges. Video on hand pollinating.
September – At Swan Island 4 PM. Trial Garden judging and
selection of flower of the year.
October – Digging, Dividing & Storing.
Tuber clump sale.
November – Continuation of Tuber Clump Sale. Photo Contest
and speaker on soil testing.
December – Annual
Holiday Potluck.
At each meeting a question box will be available to any member that wants information regarding cultural
practices in their dahlia garden. Anonymity ok.
Starting with our February meeting, the Board agreed to change the structure of our meetings. We will begin with
the educational program at 7:30 PM followed by our coffee – visiting break with the business meeting following. I
have received a number of comments from members that our meetings often stretch out too late for people who
have to work early the next day or must drive a distance. In order to ensure that all pertinent business be
covered in a timely manner, I will be gathering the agenda items prior to each meeting. If you have an agenda
item, please notify me by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Agenda items brought to the
meeting that are not on the agenda most likely will have to be tabled until the following meeting due to time
constraints. Any items that would need consideration by the Board prior to discussion by the general membership
will be first forwarded to the Board.
Larry Smith,
In looking ahead to our annual sales, we will be holding 2 tuber workshops at Swan Island Dahlias. The first will
be on Saturday March 31st, and the second will be on Saturday, April 29th. The second one will be to prepare
tubers for the Master Gardener’s sale. Starting time for both workshops is 9:00 AM. Please help out and one or
both if you can. Also, we would like to have tubers you are going to donate for the sale brought in to our March
meeting, or in to this month’s meeting if you can’t be there in March. Please be sure each variety is clean, free of
rot and has a viable eye. You do not need to write on each tuber, as long as it is clearly marked in some way.
More than one tuber of a variety may be put in a bag with the name written on the outside of the bag. Please be
generous as these 2 sales are major source of funds.
If you have donated awards in the past or would like to sponsor an award for our show, contact Mike Riordan at
503-256-0425 or We need this information ASAP to complete the awards book.
If you haven’t already paid, dues are past due. Judges please remember that you are required to carry
membership in both the American Dahlia society and the PNDC (Pacific Northwest Dahlia conference). PDS dues,
ADS dues and PNDC dues should be combined and paid to the Treasurer as noted below. Federation of
Northwest Dahlia Growers dues are $10 and also payable through our Treasurer.
Mail to or pay
at next meeting
Larry Sawyer,
11015 S.W.
Berkshire, Portland,
OR 97225
How are those tubers doing in storage? Regardless of your storage medium and method, it is advisable to see
how things are storing. Sometimes rot can spread from one tuber to the next. If there is some rot, many times
the tuber (s) can be saved by cutting away the rotted portion and treating the cuts with flowers of sulfur or
Captan. If you are using vermiculite and the medium seems too damp (vermiculite clinging to tubers), more dry
vermiculite can be added to the storage container. As you are checking through, this is a great time to select
tubers you want to take cuttings from and/or donate to the PDS tuber sale. Not sure how many of you store over
pot roots. I keep mine stored open in nursery flats in the same storage area (garage) as my tubers. They are still
in the same pots they grew in last summer. One thing I’ve learned is to take the flats outdoors and water them
thoroughly about once a month. This does not promote premature growth, but does enhance the keeping quality
of the mini-clumps.
Now is a good time to think about soil in preparation for next growing season. Consider topdressing your dahlia
garden with compost or manure. In fact this early in the spring, it need not be that well composted. Cow, horse,
chicken, leaf mold compost, mushroom compost, rabbit, Zoo Doo or Llama will work just fine. Check your local
newspaper or feed store for suppliers both you - haul or delivered. Besides beneficial nutrients, organic
amendments enhance the ability of the soil to hold water. This month the soil is too wet to work with machines,
but can be hand turned.
neutral side the plants are better able to absorb and process nutrients. An added benefit to liming is the addition
neutral side the plants are better able to absorb and process nutrients. An added benefit to liming is the addition
of Calcium to the soil. Calcium is essential for the production of cellulose in plant tissue. (Healthier plants with
stronger stems). A soil test will give you an accurate picture of what’s needed in your soil. We will have
submission forms available from A&L Laboratories at the February meeting. Alternatively, see
By Ted
2006 was a very nice year for dahlias in our garden. There were several newer varieties that
did well and here are some comments:
Ryecroft Jan M FD W I can hardly say enough good things about this one. The bushes grew to about 4 feet and
were covered with show quality blooms with wonderful stems. It was an early bloomer and kept blooming all
season. We won blue ribbons at the shows and cut innumerable flowers for bouquets. It made lots of tubers too.
Narrows Tricia B SC Y This is claimed to be a seedling of Light Accord crossed with Hamari Accord. No matter
where it came from, this is a wonderful dahlia to grow if you like larger semi-cactus flowers. It is much healthier
and easier to grow than Hamari Accord and is exactly the same medium yellow.
Esmerelda BB SC PR At last there is a healthy, easy to grow purple semi cactus dahlia! Wayne Shantz set out to
breed a good purple dahlia and he certainly did. Purple has been voted the favorite dahlia color in several polls
and this color has been one of the most difficult to breed. This one takes heat well and produces lots of tubers
and above all has nice, well formed purple flowers with good stems
Other varieties worth mentioning include Odyssey MB LB L/W, nicely formed MB in a very pleasing color scheme.
Swan’s Gladiator AA ID R was a huge, easy to grow giant of a dahlia that should be grown by anybody who likes
the big ones. Clearview Arlene A SC LB Pk/Y was really a B sized flower for us but was outstanding for cut
flowers and is just plain pretty too.
Teresa Bergman is putting together a group order for our Society (saves money on Phytosanitary Certificate &
shipping) Please bring your list and payment to Teresa at the February meeting. Peruse Ferncilff’s offerings at:
Calendar of Programs for the 2007 Year