Meets second Tuesday of the month at Rose City Park
United Methodist Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda
Editor: Mike Riordan (503) 256-0425
December 2009
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Portland Dahlia Society Bulletin

Meets second Tuesday of the month at Rose City Park United Methodist Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda

Editor:  Mike Riordan (503) 998-5184 Contacts:  Teresa Bergman (360) 274-8292  Jeanette Benson (503) 649-4118

Next meeting Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 @ 6:30 PM


Our final meeting of 2009 will be our Pot Luck dinner.  Please note that the starting time will be at 6:30 p.m.  Please
bring a SIDE DISH, SALAD, DESSERT or an APPETIZER (and include a serving spoon) All dishes and serving
spoons should be marked with masking tape, so if you forget them, we will know where they belong.  The Society will
provide the meat and beverages.  Be sure to bring your own table settings and utensils. As usual after the meal, we’ll
have the bingo game.  You may contribute some new items for bingo prizes and/or door prizes if you would like. Please
make sure your prize is one you would enjoy yourself.  Family members of any age are welcome. This is always a fun
event, don’t miss it!  NEW MEMBERS – this is a great time to come and get acquainted with other members.


Why not take care of this now and get it out of the way and insure your ADS Bulletins and 2010 Classification Book will
arrive on time?  Judges please remember that you are required to carry membership in both the American Dahlia society
and the PNDC (Pacific Northwest Dahlia conference).  PDS dues, ADS dues and PNDC dues should be combined and
paid to the Treasurer as noted below. Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers dues are $10 and also payable through
our Treasurer.

PDS Adults:  $7.00 Couples:  $10.00 Juniors:  $1.00

ADS Individual: $20.00 Family:   $23.00 Ad $10Snowbirds

PNDC Individual $10.00 Dual:  $15.00

Mail to or pay at next meeting

Larry Sawyer, 11015 S.W. Berkshire, Portland, OR 97225


This is the slow time of year for us dahlia lovers to take a bit of a rest.  Hopefully all your tubers are dug and stored away
for the winter.  Now is a great time to sit in front of the fireplace and peruse the catalogs and decide what we want to
add and subtract.  It is also a good time to plan next year’s garden and readjust and fine tune the layout.

One other winter “to-do” is to check your tubers several times during storage to determine if any have gone bad and
need to be removed. It may be possible to remove just the bad portion of a tuber; treat the cut surface with a fungicide,
such as powdered sulfur, then return it to storage. Be careful as one bad tuber may spoil the rest of the tubers in that bag.
If you store the tubers in plastic bags, check the tubers for moisture content. If there is too much moisture, indicated by
condensation inside the bag, open the bags for a couple of days and let the moisture escape or add some perforations to
the exterior of the bag. Or remove the too wet storage medium and mix with dry(er) fresh medium and re-pack the
tubers. If the tubers appear to be drying (shriveling) add a bit of water to the bags. Be very careful not to add too much
water because you increase the chances of rot if you do.  


Our annual board meeting will take place Saturday, January 16th, 2010 at 12 noon.  We will meet in the community
room at the Georgetown Realty Office located at 1000 NE 122nd Avenue in Portland.  From I-205 North or South
bound take exit 21A to Glisan Street.  Take Glisan East (street numbers increase) to 122nd Avenue.  Turn left from
Glisan to 122nd.  Georgetown is two block down 122nd on your right.  Parking is behind the building. We will start the
meeting with a potluck luncheon.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish they believe others will find popular. All
members are welcome at this meeting.  You need not be a member of the board to participate.  We will be discussing
what went well and where and how we can improve.  What do we want to change or revise in the show schedule to
make it even better?  How can we increase participation in our annual show?  What plans need to be firmed up for our
hosting of the 2012 National Show?    What changes would you like to see in our monthly meeting programs?  How can
we go about attracting and retaining more new members?  This is a planning and strategizing session, so please bring your
ideas and enthusiasm.


We should all be thankful for the good blooms and learning experiences we had this year as we reach yet another
milepost in our dahlia growing lives.

REMEMBER – No meeting in January
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