August 2007
Editor: Mike Riordan (503) 256-0425 Contacts: Larry Smith (503) 777-1857,
Jeanette Benson (503) 649-4118
Meets second Tuesday of the month at Rose City Park
United Methodist Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda
Cookie host for August is Gary Murphy.  Since we expect a good size group, maybe a few
others could bring some too?


Our program for August will be a mini-show along with a judging demonstration.  If you
have an entry or two you can bring, this will give us something to work with and brighten
up the meeting space.  Also there will be a demonstration on how to stage entries.  Listen
carefully and learn the special techniques of successful exhibitors.  Lastly, there will be a
discussion of how to hand cross dahlias.


It’s hard to believe but the culmination of all our activities is fast approaching.  We have all
worked very hard on fund raising so we could stage the biggest and best show ever. Mega
thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible!

If someone is thinking of exhibiting for the first time, please have courage and take the
plunge.  There was a first time for all of us.  I know you will be pleasantly surprised with
how well you do!   We will have show schedules available at the meeting.  Please take a
copy and familiarize yourself with the show rules.  Speaking of which…all exhibitors are
required to sign-in with their exhibitor numbers under their respective competition division.   
If this is your first time or you need help with this, please ask the person (s) that is working
with classification.  They will be happy to show you how to register as an exhibitor.  
Special note to PNCD members:  You have a  new PNDC exhibitor number this season.  
Check the blue 2007 PNDC Roster to find your number.

Those that have exhibited in the past are encouraged to bring lots of blooms, not just the
best of the best.  I never was able to tell with any certainty which ones would be my big
winners before the fact.  The exhibit hall sure looks great when the tables are brimming
with eye-candy  entries.

If you would like to find out more about how dahlias are judged, helping out the judging
teams as a clerk is a great way to observe and learn.  This requires a small time
commitment Saturday morning. Please contact Jeanette Benson at 503-649-4118 to

Some advanced planning and preparation makes it a lot easier to get that winning entry
from the garden to the head table.  All exhibitors provide their own containers and filler.
Most people use shredded florist foam for filler to support the flowers.  The containers
should be proportional to the size of the entry.  Pompons and miniatures look good in a
#303 can (14-15oz).  The cans need to be painted with either dark green or black paint.  
Black is the required color for most shows in Washington.  Make sure you get your cans
ready at least a few days in advance so the paint has a chance to dry thoroughly before
use.  Cans from last season may be cleaned or re-painted.  After repeated use, some cans
begin to rust from the inside soiling the filler and reducing the flower’s keeping quality.  
These are best discarded.  

Entry tags will be available at the August meeting.  Pick up some so you will have them to
place on your entries at home.  This saves a lot of last minute work and frustration at the
exhibit hall.  The tags are color coded for competition category as follows: Juniors-yellow,
Novice-pink, Amateur-blue, Open and Special Entry-white.

When is the best time to cut my blooms for show or other uses?   I cut mostly early (that’s
with dew) Friday morning.  Sometimes Thursday morning if the bloom needs an extra day
away from the sun.  Blooms need to be “set” so they will keep and show well.  When
cutting the blooms cut the stems at a 45 degree angle placing them in buckets containing
two inches of hot water.  As the water cools it gradually sets the blooms.  Do not allow any
foliage to touch the hot water or it will blacken.  The buckets of cut blooms need to be
placed indoors in a cool place out of direct sunlight.  A basement is an ideal location to
store the blooms and use as a work area to “put up” your entries.


Thanks to all who generously donated cash or other awards for our show.  If by any
chance you have not yet turned in your cash to Larry Sawyer, you may do so at the August
meeting or alternatively mail to Larry at: 11015 SW Berkshire; Portland, OR  97225-4407.  
Sweepstakes winners from last year are asked to bring their revolving trophies to the
August meeting or make other arrangements with Mike Riordan.

By Ted Kennedy

Some of my fondest memories are the trips we have taken to see the dahlias at the various
commercial nurseries.  Many of these businesses have been long closed but the memories
will be with us forever.

There is a newer website that lists the “open” dahlia gardens all over the USA and most
have directions, maps and even some pictures.  The link to the site is:  http://www.dahlias.

For Portland People, there are several gardens to visit in our area and first and foremost is
Swan Island Dahlias.  We are lucky to have the largest dahlia farm in the USA just a few
miles from us in Canby.  They are really set up for visitors.  They have a nice parking lot
just a few feet from their display garden.  If you bring your lunch, they have picnic tables
available too.  And an added bonus is that the Portland Dahlia Society has their trial
garden there.  And another bonus is that they are open just about any time of day (except
when the sprinklers are going).

For a nice day trip consider visiting Dan’s Dahlias in Oakville Washington.  It is not too
many miles North of Portland and is well worth the trip.  Their three acre dahlia garden
gets some of the coastal weather influence and many of the varieties have deeper colors
then here in Portland.  If you grow cut flowers and want to see some good cutting varieties,
Dan has specialized in selling flowers at public markets for years and you can see them
growing at their best in the garden.

If you are ever in the Coos Bay area, you have to visit Shore Acres State park.  They have
an extensive planting of dahlias and since they are right on the ocean, the colors of the
dahlias are outstanding.  The park is a gardener’s paradise and I have a picture of the
dahlias growing there on my computer as the background for my desktop.  

These are only a few suggestions.  I am planning on visiting Teresa Bergman’s Cowlitz
River Dahlias in Castle Rock, Washington and hope to say hello to Wayne Lobaugh at his
Lobaugh’s Dahlias in Chehalis.  And I am going to visit Alpen Gardens and say hello to
John and Carla Stables.  And every year, I visit Phil Mingus in Vancouver.  Last year I
wrote about dropping in on Park’s Dahlias in Azealea and Clack’s Dahlias in Myrtle Creek.  
And we have not been to Mohawk Dahlia Gardens or Frey’s Dahlias in many years and
need to go back.  You know there are so many dahlias and so little time…

By Tiffany Boatwright

Editor’s note:  Our corresponding secretary writes an article for each issue of the ADS
Bulletin about what’s happening in our Society.  Tiffany’s article for the fall issue is
reprinted here for the benefit of our members that don’t receive the ADS Bulletin.

By the time this Bulletin is delivered, our club will have finished its 79th annual show held
on Labor Day weekend.  The year’s show featured more cash awards than ever before,
many donated by PDS club members and members other local dahlia clubs. Their
generosity is much appreciated.  Our show coincides with Swan Island Dahlia’s open
house weekend and gives visitors an opportunity to see dahlias in two locations.  Our trial
garden is also located at Swan Island Dahlias.

We continue to have excellent presentations at every club meeting.   Our July meeting’s
topic was how to display and enter dahlias in fairs.  Club president, Larry Smith, an avid
fair participant provided excellent instruction on entering dahlias in county fair
competitions. Fairs are a great way to introduce the public to our favorite flower.

Entering and staging flowers for ADS dahlia shows will be the topic for our August meeting
along with a mini show.  This is a great way for those new to showing to be able to see
and actually stage flowers before a real show.  

In September we will hold our meeting at Swan Island Dahlias where our presentation will
be on trial garden judging.  This location proved very popular last year and the setting can’
t be beat.

During our spring tuber sale, a local elementary school affiliate purchased a large number
of tubers for a dahlia garden to be located at their school.  When club members learned of
this, the decision was made to refund over half of their purchase price.  As thanks from the
school children, we received a large envelope of drawings and thank you notes.  We are
looking forward to seeing their garden in bloom.

Good luck at the shows and enjoy your blooms!
Next meeting Tuesday, August14th, 2007 @ 7:30 PM