Meets second Tuesday of the month at Rose City Park
United Methodist Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda
Editor: Mike Riordan (503) 256-0425
August 2008
Portland Dahlia Society Bulletin
Meets second Tuesday of the month at Rose City Park United Methodist
Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda

Editor: Mike Riordan (503)256-0425 Contacts: Larry Smith, Jeanette Benson (503) 649-4118

Next meeting Tuesday, August12th, 2008 @ 7:30 PM


Cookie hosts for August are Bill Mishler and George Ermini.  Since we expect a good size group, maybe a few
others could bring some too?


Our program for August will be a mini-show along with a judging demonstration.  If you have an entry or two
you can bring, this will give us something to work with and brighten up the meeting space.  Also there will be a
demonstration on how to stage entries.  Listen carefully and learn the special techniques of successful exhibitors.

Also we will have a container exchange.  Those that have extra containers are asked to bring them to the meeting
to share the wealth with our newer exhibitor members.


Jeanette Benson will again teach a judging school in Portland.  The weekend classes will be held 9 to 5 at the
Georgetown Realty offices Saturday, August 9th and Sunday, August 10th.  Georgetown is located at 1000 NE
122nd Ave; Portland, OR  97230.  From I-205 North or South bound take exit 21A to Glisan Street.  Next
head East on Glisan toward 122nd .  At 122nd turn left.  The Office will be on your right, about two blocks
down.  Parking is behind the building.

To maintain their judging status, judges are strongly encouraged to take a refresher course once every two
years.  Even if someone has no interest in becoming a judge, but would only like to learn how to be more
successful on the exhibition table, this course is a great road map on how dahlias are competitively evaluated.
Those taking the course as a refresher are asked to bring their Classification Book and Judging Manual.  These
publications will also be available for purchase at the class.  Please contact Jeanette at 503-649-4118 to sign up.


It’s hard to believe but the culmination of all our activities is fast approaching.  We have all worked very hard on
fund raising so we could stage the biggest and best show ever. Mega thanks to all the volunteers who made this

If someone is thinking of exhibiting for the first time, please have courage and take the plunge.  There was a first
time for all of us.  I know you will be pleasantly surprised with how well you do!   We will have show schedules
available at the meeting.  Please take a copy and familiarize yourself with the show rules.  Speaking of which…all
exhibitors are required to sign-in with their exhibitor numbers under their respective competition division.   If this
is your first time or you need help with this, please ask the person (s) that is working with classification.  They
will be happy to show you how to register as an exhibitor.  Special note to PNCD members:  PNDC exhibitor
numbers no longer indicate competition divisions.  Check the blue 2008 PNDC Roster to find your number.

Those that have exhibited in the past are encouraged to bring lots of blooms, not just the best of the best.  I
never was able to tell with any certainty which ones would be my big winners before the fact.  The exhibit hall
sure looks great when the tables are brimming with eye-candy entries.

If you would like to find out more about how dahlias are judged, helping out the judging teams as a clerk is a
great way to observe and learn.  This requires a small time commitment Saturday morning. Please contact
Jeanette Benson at 503-649-4118 to participate.

Some advanced planning and preparation makes it a lot easier to get that winning entry from the garden to the
head table.  All exhibitors provide their own containers and filler. Most people use shredded florist foam for filler
to support the flowers.  The containers should be proportional to the size of the entry.  Pompons and miniatures
look good in a #303 can (14-15oz).  The cans need to be painted with either dark green or black paint.  Black
is the required color for most shows in Washington State.  Make sure you get your cans ready at least a few
days in advance so the paint has a chance to dry thoroughly before use.  Cans from last season may be cleaned
or re-painted.  After repeated use, some cans begin to rust from the inside soiling the filler and reducing the
flower’s keeping quality.  These are best discarded.

Entry tags will be available at the August meeting.  Pick up some so you will have them to place on your entries
at home.  This saves a lot of last minute work and frustration at the exhibit hall.  The tags are color coded for
competition category as follows: Juniors-yellow, Novice-pink, Amateur-blue, Open and Special Entry-white.

When is the best time to cut my blooms for show or other uses?   I cut mostly early (that’s with dew) Friday
morning.  Sometimes Thursday morning if the bloom needs an extra day away from the sun.  Blooms need to be
“set” so they will keep and show well.  When cutting the blooms cut the stems at a 45 degree angle placing them
in buckets containing two inches of hot water.  As the water cools it gradually sets the blooms.  Do not allow any
foliage to touch the hot water or it will blacken.  The buckets of cut blooms need to be placed indoors in a cool
place out of drafts and direct sunlight.  A basement is an ideal location to store the blooms and use as a work
area to “put up” your entries.


Thanks to all who generously donated cash or other awards for our show.  If by any chance you have not yet
turned in your cash to Larry Sawyer, you may do so at the August meeting or alternatively mail to Larry at:
11015 SW Berkshire; Portland, OR  97225-4407.  Sweepstakes winners from last year are asked to bring their
revolving trophies to the August meeting or make other arrangements with Mike Riordan.  Those sponsoring gift
certificates, please send or get to Mike at the meeting or by mail.


The American Dahlia Society is offering a special promotion for new members from our society.  Join in August
and September and receive the June, September and December Bulletin absolutely free.  That’s right!  You get
June 2008 forward and all of the Bulletins for 2009 plus the 2009 Classification book for the low price of $23
per individual or $26 per family.  Simply pay our Treasurer, Larry Sawyer at the meeting or mail to Larry at  
11015 SW Berkshire; Portland, OR  97225-4407.


All Portland Dahlia Society members are cordially invited to attend our award’s banquet held in conjunction with
the PNDC Show which our Portland Society is sponsoring this season.  It is not necessary to have exhibited in
the show to attend this function. The banquet will take place Saturday evening, August 30th at 6:30 PM.

Where:  Canby Grove Conference Center
7501 S Knights Bridge Road
Canby, OR  97013

Menu:  Green Salad Bar with Corn Bread
Chicken and Ribs
Baked Potato Bar
Berry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee and Hot Tea

Note:  There is no alcohol served on these premises.

Cost:  $16.00 US including gratuity.

Please send Reservations and advance payment to:

Larry Sawyer
11015 SW Berkshire
Portland, OR  97225-4407

Driving Directions from the Show site:  The Canby Grove Conference Center is about 1.5 miles from the show
site.  From the show site go west (right) on 4th Street for .6 miles to Grant Street and turn right.  Go .2 miles to
Knights Bridge Road and turn left.  Go .7 miles to the Canby Grove Conference Center.  It is on your right and
is just past the bridge over the river.

Driving Directions from Highway 99E (called 1st Avenue in Canby):  From Portland proceed on 99E to Canby.  
Go past Canby Fred Meyer .9 miles to Grant Street and turn right (north).  Go .4 miles to Knights Bridge Road
and turn left.  Go .7 miles and the Canby Grove Conference Center is on your right.

From I-5: proceed to Canby, go two blocks past Burgerville USA and turn left onto Grant Street.  Go .4 miles
to Knights Bridge Road and turn left.  Go .7 miles and the Canby Grove Conference Center is on your right.

Portland Dahlia Society Annual Garden Tour
Sunday, August 17th
Rain or Shine

Please mark your calendars for the Portland Dahlia Society’s annual garden tour and pot luck
picnic.  We hope to have a very nice summer’s day, but the tour by tradition proceeds regardless
of the weather. The Tour will begin at 9:30 AM at the home and garden of Arnie Klug.  Arnie’s
address is 19012 NE 132nd Avenue; Battleground. (Phone 360-687-3400) From I-205 take WA
500 E/WA 500 W/NE Gher RD/NE 112th Ave exit, EXIT 30B/30C., Next merge onto WA 500 E via
exit 30B, in about 2.4 miles WA 500 E becomes WA-503 proceed another 5.8 miles, then turn
right onto NE 199th ST.  After .5 mile turn right onto NE 132nd AVE.  Look for Arnie’s Address on
his mailbox at 19012 NE 132nd Ave.
Arnie grows an assortment of vegetables and orchard produce as well as prize winning dahlias.

Next stop on the tour is Max and Marla Ollieu’s garden at 15311 NE 209th Circle, Battle Ground,
WA  98604-3501. (Phone 360-687-1536)  Scheduled arrival time is 10:30 AM. From Arnie’s go
north on NE 132nd Ave towards NE 191st Circle.  Turn right onto NE 199th Street.  After about 1.8
miles turn left onto NE 167th Avenue.  After traveling about a mile turn left again onto NE 219th ST.  
After about .3 mile NE 219th Street becomes E Main Street. Continue on E Main St.  Next turn left
onto SE 20th AVE.  Next turn left onto SE 10th Way, ending at 15311 NE 209th Circle, Battle
Max and Marla have an impressive display of well groomed exhibition varieties. It seems that at
least once a year a best in show bloom originates from their garden.

Our third stop is Mingus and Son Dahlias at 7407 NE 139th Street, Vancouver, WA  98662-1145.
(Phone 360-573-2983) This is also our pot luck lunch stop.  Please be sure to bring plates, eating
utensils and a serving spoon for the dish you are bringing.  Leaving the Ollieu’s start out going west
on se 10th Way toward SE 20th Ave.  Turn right on SE 20th Ave.  Next turn left onto E Main ST.  E
Main becomes NE 219th St./WA-502.  Turn left onto NE 72nd Avenue.  After about 4 miles turn left
onto NE 139th ST ending at 7407 NE 139th St, Vancouver, WA  98662-1145

After lunch we travel from the Mingus Gardens to Frank and Pattie Roberts place at 3850 Q Street,
Washougal, WA. (Phone 360-835-5585)  Frank and Pattie have been the helpful, tireless
volunteers that address and mail to you your monthly PDS Bulletin.  Please make a point of
personally thanking them for their efforts on your club’s behalf. Start out going West on NE 139th St
toward NE 72nd Avenue.   Turn left onto NE 72nd Avenue.  At the Y bare left to stay on NE 72nd
Ave.  NE 72nd Avenue becomes NE Andresen Road.   Turn left onto NE Padden Pkwy E.  Next
merge into I-205 South towards Salem.  After about 5.6 miles merge onto WA-14 E via Exit 27
toward Camas.  After about 11.5 miles turn left onto 32nd Street.  Next turn right onto Evergreen
Way.  From Evergreen Way turn left onto 39th Street. From 39th Street turn left onto Q Street
ending at 3850 Q St., Washougal, WA  98671-9159.  Estimated arrival time about 1:45 PM.

The final stop on our garden tour are the gardens of Bob and Linda Merrell at 1325 SE Washougal
River Rd., Washougal WA  98671-9540. (Phone 360-835-7895) Leaving the Robert’s go east on
Q Street toward 39th St.  Turn right on 39th Street.  After about .8 mile, turn right onto Evergreen
Way.  After about .7 mile, Evergreen way becomes E Street.  After another .7 mile turn right from E
Street to onto 17th Street.  17th Street becomes N Washougal River Road.  Continue 2.2 miles on
Washougal River Road ending at 1325 SE Washougal River Rd; Washougal, WA  98671-9540.

Wow!  With all these twists and turns, we each need a co-pilot and navigator.  In the interest of
safety and saving gas, maybe four to six people could carpool and make the whole day more
enjoyable and less stressful.   Please be aware that the farther the tour progresses, the more
inaccurate estimated arrival times may be.  Our goal is for all participants to enjoy the tour and
have a safe and pleasant experience. If for any reason members join the tour late or are not able to
visit all the gardens, this is acceptable and understandable.
People's Choice Class at recent show