Portland Dahlia Society Show Information

When: August 24 & 25th  2019
Entries accepted Friday,  August 23th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM and the day of the
show Saturday, August 2
4th,  from 6:00AM to 9:00AM. Open to the Public 12:00 PM
to 5:00PM on Saturday and 10:00AM to 3:00PM on Sunday. Free admission!

Where: Oaks Amusement Park Dance Pavillion
7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202

Map of Show Tables

Information about the show:
Contact: Ted Kennedy
(503) 655-6951

Admission is free.
Parking is free but since this is an amusement park, the
parking lots may be crowded.
What is a dahlia show and why would I want to participate?
Dahlia shows are events where dahlia growers exhibit their best blooms in various classes. Exhibitors may win some prizes, including a small amount of money.
Attendance at dahlia shows is free to both the exhibitors and the general public. Clubs sponsor the shows to promote their favorite flower, the dahlia.

As a spectator, it is an opportunity see the hundreds of varieties of dahlias displayed at their very best. A typical visitor will write down the names of numerous
dahlias that they may want to grow. Spectators also appreciate the artistic presentation of the flowers in the multi flower exhibits such as the dahlia baskets and
flower arrangements. Also, club members are available to answer just about any question concerning dahlias. Dahlia publications are available and some of the
handouts are free. Information about where dahlias can be purchased commercially is also available.

As an exhibitor,  it is an opportunity to show your flowers in competition with other growers. Certified dahlia judges evaluate the entries and determine the
winners. In addition to prizes for individual entries there are awards for higher levels of competition that lead to the selection of the best entries in the show. The  
best entries in the show are placed on a "head table"  with very best entries at the top of the table.
Portland Dahlia Society
9 Annual Show
August 2
4 & 25
Oaks Amusement Park
Dance Pavilion
2019 Show Catalog PDF
Map of Show Tables
Mapquest to Oaks Amusement Park
Lodging Suggestions
First time exhibitors at our show:
The show is being held at Oaks Park, an amusement park that is also a non profit organization.
The week end of the show is their 2nd most popular week end for attendance. They have numerous rides and attractions but also are known for their popular picnic sites that are rented
well in advance.

If you are able to bring your entries to the show site on Friday night, you will find that parking and the set up will be relatively easy.  We will be open until 9PM to accept entries.  If you are
delivering your entries on the morning of the show, it will be more crowded and you will not be allowed to park your car near one of the two doors to the show for any longer than it takes to
unload your entries.  You may have to wait in a holding area for a spot to open up. We will have some club members assist you in this process.

Once you have placed your entries and your car is parked, do not assume you can leave the park area and come back and get a parking spot anywhere near the show. From about 11AM
to 6PM the park will be at maximum attendance and parking spots will be very scarce.

On Sunday when you are going to pick up your entries, we will have club members again assisting you to get your vehicle to the show building. Because the park is at full capacity, park
personnel  will be leading your vehicle to the building by using their utility vehicles. This is to ensure the safety of the park visitors and they drive very slowly and carefully. When your
entries are in your vehicle, they will again escort your vehicle back to the parking lot. This process sounds complicated but it has gone very smoothly in past years.

If you are judge or a clerk, on Saturday we treat you to a catered lunch in a covered picnic area very close to the show.  Remember if you leave the show site in your vehicle and then
come back to the show site later, you will be parking a long way from the show site.
Bouquets of
Dahlias will be
sold at the show
2019 Show Catalog Cover