Program for
October 9th
There will be a silent auction for some clumps that are already dug (bring some folks!)

Nominations for officers

An opportunity to tell about various shows

Teresa and Nan will speak briefly about digging, dividing and storing.  More in depth information about
these subjects will happen immediately before and during the November meeting.

A brief discussion of dahlia tubers that are difficult to store (handout available)

Ted will talk about cover crops

Nan will remind the group about slug control and how best to control yellow jackets

For the seedling contests there will be two categories:

Please bring seedlings that you hope can compete in a show (volunteer judges will explain the use of the 1-
10 score sheet here)

Also bring seedlings that could be nice attractive dahlias for a garden (or for cutting) that would appeal to a
lot of people (winner to be determined by a vote!)

We already know that the Flower of the Year of 2019 is Hollyhill Jitterbug.  We need to pick the Flower of
the Year for 2020.

If there is time, we will ask the question, “What are you doing now in your garden?”