Hollyhill Black Beauty Challenge Flower for 2018
Portland Dahlia

Program for
 October 10th

Eric and Mark will speak about digging, dividing
and storing tubers.
 They will touch on the important task
of keeping clumps and tubers labeled, especially if stock is
going to be shared or donated to the club. (30 min)

Ted will (hopefully) talk about cover crops and
soil amendments
for this time of the year. (5 min)

We are compiling a list of dahlias that are
especially difficult to store and will distribute that
list at the meeting.
(10 min)

We will be asking
Shirley to bring the handouts
about slug/snail control
so that Fall numbers of those
pests can be reduced somewhat.

We want to remind members that
Hollyhill Black Beauty
is our Flower of the Year for 2018.
 It is time to look
for or build up stock so that lots of people can grow it.

We will be voting at the Oct. 10 meeting for the
flower that we want to be our 2019 Flower of
the Year.

At some point during the Oct. 10 meeting
we will have
two seedling competitions—one for “any
seedling 1st through 3rd year not in ADS Book”
and one for seedling grown “from seeds given
out at March meeting”.  Cash prizes!

There will be a tuber clump silent auction.

Digging and Dividing will be covered at the
November meeting.