Hollyhill Black Beauty Challenge Flower for 2018
Portland Dahlia
Program for  November  
14th Meeting

On Tuesday Nov. 14, we welcome Wayne
Lobaugh of Lobaugh’s dahlias to speak to us
about beneficial insects.  Plan on learning from
his experience and from the slide show he will

Before our official gathering at 7:30 pm, there
will be an informal opportunity to learn more
about dividing dahlia clumps from at least three
of our members with the first ones starting to
demonstrate at about 6:30 pm.  As people are
able to get to the meeting site, more members
will be showing the things they have learned
about dividing tuber clumps.

There will be a clumps of dahlias available for
bidding in a silent auction.

Bring favorite dahlia photos to enter into a fun
dahlia photo contest to be held during the

Since we are in the midst of dahlia clump
dividing from our own gardens, it is time to be
reminded to label clumps and tubers carefully—
especially those that will be donated to the
Portland Dahlia Society for our spring sales.  If
you are not certain of the name, plan on labeling
it as “Unknown”.  They still can be sold by the
society for a reduced price, but accuracy is

Our Dahlia of the Year for 2018 will be Hollyhill
Black Beauty.  If you have it, please divide it
and be prepared to share it so that as many
members as possible will be able to grow it next

Thank you so much to all members who have
contributed in many ways to make the Portland
Dahlia Society a group of dahlia enthusiasts
who honor the commitment to share the love of
dahlias by teaching and mentorship.