Hollyhill Black Beauty Challenge Flower for 2018
Portland Dahlia
May 8th Meeting
The program has shaped nicely for the May 8 meeting.  Ted will
speak about fertilizer strategies.  Max will cover planting, followed by
Gary Murphy about staking and tying.  Nan will inform the group
about planting and care for dahlias in containers.  Everyone please
remember to be on the lookout for slugs and snails.  They have
emerged and are really hungry, and sadly, young dahlia foliage is
one of their favorites.

Our society is in need of a volunteer to take over the Treasurer
position.  Larry Sawyer has served ably and admirably for many
years and is ready to provide information to someone who will step
up into the role.  Reach out to any officer of the PDS to volunteer as

Have you considered having an Open Garden so that other dahlia
society members can see your garden?  Please think about it.  You
will want to select a day or set of days which do not conflict with a
dahlia show that is in Oregon or very nearby in Washington so that
you will have good numbers attending your garden. Dates for shows
Washington State has shows every weekend from August 4th
through September 8th. Oregon shows begin with Portland on
August 25th and end with Roseburg on Sept 22nd.  

We would love to see your garden whether or not you grow your
dahlias for the competitive shows.  Part of our mission with the
Portland Dahlia Society is to learn to grow dahlias better—so let’s
see what you’ve got!  Come to the May 8 meeting and sign up on the
clipboard titled: “YES. I would like to have an Open Garden in 2018”  
We can figure out dates as prime dahlia season is closer.

Thanks for what you do to spread the word about our dahlia society!