Hollyhill Black Beauty Challenge Flower for 2018
Portland Dahlia
Program for  March 13th

Nan and I have met and have a general plan for
the March 13 meeting.  We will have at least
two members (Ted and Nathan) explain how to
take cuttings from tubers before the meeting.  
Depending on their schedules and the traffic,
they will arrive around 6:30 and begin
demonstrating cuttings at about 6:45.  During
the meeting they will also take a little time to
explain pre-starting tubers.  Eric and Allen M.
will discuss how to start dahlia seeds.

If members have collected dahlia seed and wish
to share it, the March meeting is the one at
which members can take home packets of
donated dahlia seed to see what they can
grow.  Interesting seedlings will be brought by
the membership to the October meeting.

The seedling mix ordered at the most recent
meeting will be available.

Since a silent auction is planned during the
evening, the membership is encouraged to
donate tubers.  If members have a photo of the
bloom, that is especially helpful.

If members are not certain about some of their
tubers’ true identification, they are encouraged
to put them in an ‘Unknown’ pile.  The club will
still sell them at the tuber sale in April, but at a
reduced price.

Packing dates to prepare for the April tuber sale
and the Master Gardener sale (Spring Garden
Fair) have been established.  They are Sundays
April 8 and April 29.