At the March 14 meeting Eric Toedtli and Mark Oldenkamp will show how they
give tubers a head start in growing and how they take cuttings in order to create
several plants from just one tuber.  If you would like to try your hand at this, they
will have some supplies ready for you.  They will also discuss storing and starting
some of the more difficult to store/start tubers and how dividing can be done if not
accomplished in the Fall.

Additionally, Mike Riordan and Ted Kennedy will demonstrate their methods for
starting dahlias from seeds.

Calling all who have dahlia seed!  In an effort to challenge dahlia growers to try
growing dahlias from seed (who knows what you will get??!), we are asking that
you donate some seed to be distributed to members at the March 14 meeting.  
There will be an opportunity to bring in the dahlias grown from this seed to the
October 10 meeting.  Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Don’t forget to check your tubers for rot during storage.  When sorting tubers and
making plans for your dahlia garden please keep in mind that the Portland Dahlia
Society appreciates your donations of spare dahlia tubers.  We expect sales to
be brisk at our upcoming sale at our meeting site on April 11 and at the Spring
Garden Fair in Canby on May 6-7.  Metro area gardeners may have experienced
a higher than normal loss of dahlias due to the harsh weather, so please be
generous with donations of tubers.  Tuber packing for these fundraising events will
be held at Swan Island Dahlias in Canby on Sun. April 9 and Sun. April 30, 1-4
both days.
March 14
Program Agenda