Portland Dahlia
       February 12th Program
(1) Linda Taylor will be talking about soil tests and fertilization issues. This is a great
time to gather soil samples, submit to A & L Western Agricultural Lab in Portland and
bring your results to the meeting.  Testing turnaround time is very rapid this early in
the season.  Be sure to dig at least five or six random holes in your garden, at least six
inches deep.  Thoroughly mix the samples together to represent your garden well.

(2) We will show the ADS DVD  of pictures of the 2019 New Dahlia introductions.  It is
compiled by Claudia Biggs of Spokane,Washington.

                      March 11th Meeting

(1) Wayne Lobaugh of Lobaugh's Dahlias will be presenting numerous topics of
interest and will answer your questions.  He has been growing and breeding dahlias
for many years and is also the Superintendent of Parks for his city.