July 2020 Meeting Minutes

Tuber sales – Shirley Bankston
      Total Sales - $7775.00
      Total Orders – 159
      Sale done using on-line store
      Revenue from sales down probably $2,000 to $3,000
      Over ½ were out of area sales
      Decision was made to pay fee to keep on-line store ($750 for 3 months)
      Possibility of using on-line process to receive membership dues
Motion was made to keep on-line store option available and approve payment of fee.  
      Initial motion – John Providenza
      Second – Julie Huynh
Purchase of new tables – Mark Oldencamp
            Opportunity presented itself to purchase new tables at reasonable price
            Chrysanthemum society willing to buy old tables for $10,00 each
           Motion was made to approve the purchase of new tables
                  Initial motion – Larry Sawyer
                 Second – John Providenza
American Dahlia Society report – Mark Oldencamp
         Member Allen Manuel won Darryl W. Hart award for his introduction of “Country
      All trial gardens up and running
      No new classifications published
      No update of large book
      Hybridizers – bench show in controlled setting in September – has gotten thumbs up
      Insurance paid up

Trial Garden – Linda Taylor
        Garden is looking good
        Probably enough blooms to judge within couple of weeks
       Able to rope off area when working or judging trial garden
       Masks needed to get to trial garden
       Work parties in trial garden – Tuesdays AM – Nan Hage and Kathy Knudson, Friday – Linda Taylor
Swan Island closed on Wednesday
      Currently cut flower stand and gift shop are open
      Closes at 5 pm Monday – Saturday; 6 pm Sundays
      Need to be out by closing because new gate is locked at that time
Annual Show – more information in newsletter
August meeting will be via Zoom – regular date and time
Send suggestions for meeting program to John Providenza
Meeting adjourned at 8:11 pm

Trial Garden – Linda Taylor
      Trial Garden is up and running