April 2021 Program
                               Zoom Meeting
Time            Topic & Who
 +5            Quick Hacks & Questions, John Moderates

 +5            Terry Smith tribute    ???WHO???

 +15           Tuber Wake Up call (Mark O's video on waking up tubers/taking

 +10           Previous presentation updates? Anybody want to add to what
they said?
               Maybe a short Q&A follow time slot for the 'starting from seeds',
               'starting from cuttings' topics, etc.

 +10            "what are you doing in your dahlia garden now?"  

 +30           Wake-up Call
                   - layout (Eric T. + Other Voluteers)

                   - VOLUNTEER NEEDED
                       - dates?  Mother Day?  May 1?
                       - cuttings sooner or later?
                       - fertilize when you plant?
                       - 1st watering?
                       - soil prep?
                       - when to stake

  +5           1.5 minute promotional video for the Shopify sale (Larry Smith)

  +5           Update on National Convention  WHO?????
  85 Minutes estimated