Portland Dahlia Society
The Portland Dahlia Society is a non profit organization for people in the Portland
area who grow dahlias.  In our charter we have declared that we will promote and
encourage interest in dahlias. We also promote  the growing of dahlias and the
showing of dahlias. The club has been in existence since 1928
(see history).  Our
society  is affiliated with the American Dahlia Society, the Pacific Northwest Dahlia
Conference and the Federation of Northwest Dahlia growers.
The club has over 100 members and meets once per month in  basement of the
Methodist church  near 60th and NE Sandy Blvd. At every meeting we have
presentations on dahlia subjects. The club is funded by annual dues from the
members($10.00 per year) and by tuber sales of tubers and plant material donated by
club members. The club sponsors an annual dahlia show that is held each year
during in August at Oaks Park in Portland. The club issues a monthly bulletin that is
emailed to the members and in some cases can be mailed.

Club benefits: . At our meetings we offer workshops and demonstrations on growing
dahlias and all related subjects such as water and fertilizer, weeding, pruning and
pinching, selection of varieties,  staking, and digging and dividing tuber clumps.
Probably the most valuable activity that the club offers is our annual tuber and plant
sales held at the April meeting and at the Master Gardener sale at the Clackamas
County Fairgrounds in May. The club sells tubers at discounted prices and gives
advice on the various dahlia varieties.  From time to time, the club purchases some
gardening supplies at good prices and sells them to the members with little or no profit.

Whether you grow just a few dahlias or you are a dahlia zealot, you will find our club
meetings interesting and worthwhile.